WAC Lunch Club Form School year 2018/2019

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• The cost is CHF15 per day, per child. • Lunch-Club needs a minimum of 5 children per day to cover costs. Less than 5 registered may mean an increase in fees, or Lunch-Club being cancelled. • You will not be refunded for a missed Lunch-Club. • If you sign up, it is binding, and you have 1 full month’s advance resignation. • Lunch-Club will be billed 4 times per year and should be paid prior to attendance. • A labelled sack-lunch should be provided by each parent. The kitchen has a microwave to warm food. • Lunch-Club runs during the LTC School semester only. • The children are supervised by a qualified adult for the full 2 hour lunch period. • Children attending Pre-School will be collected at 11.45. Children attending the afternoon programme will be escorted to their class at 14.00h. While teachers and/or parents will do everything possible to ensure a safe environment for your child, please be aware that the WAC/LTCS cannot be held responsible for accidents which occur on our premises.