reading and writing for native speakers

The Reading and Writing Program at the Learning Tree Cooperative School is designed to develop English literacy skills by offering a course of study for school-aged children and beyond. Our curriculum supports your child in developing and maintaining his/her English language knowledge. Whether your family is based in Switzerland for the short or long term, you will have the peace of mind to know that your child’s language skills can be developed in a structured way. This course is  for native English speakers as English support at home is beneficial to the child.

Our Reading and Writing classes are held on Wednesday afternoons.  Each class is 75 minutes long, and the time of the class will depend on the level into which your child is placed.  There are 6 Reading and Writing levels, and placement is determined after an assessment by the class teacher in consultation with the School Director and parents.

The ability to communicate fluently in the English language is essential for enrollment.

Age Range: 1st Grade and up

For class times and school fees, please see the information sheets to the right of this page

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