Meet the 2019/2020 Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are all volunteers who oversee all aspects of Club life and The Learning Tree School. It is a group of people dedicated to the advancement of the WAC’s ideals and mission.

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Philippa Milz, President
Oversees and promotes the welfare and goals of the Club.

Philippa is a Brit who's lived in Zürich for over 15 years.  She's mom to 3 boys and she's busy playing taxi driver, peace keeper and chief entertainment officer!  Previously she worked at Hewlett Packard as Pricing Manager and Financial Analyst.  Since becoming a full time mom Philippa has found the WAC playgroups to be her lifeline and she's at the WAC most days. 

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Ieva Ciceri, Membership Chairperson
Manages WAC’s relationship with its members. Assigns volunteer resources where needed.

Ieva is originally from Latvia and she's lived in Switzerland for just over 4 years. Before moving to Switzerland she lived in the UK (Cambridge) for 5 years. Her husband is from Italy and they have a fantastic son Franco who keeps them happy every day and a baby daughter. Ieva believes that the WAC is a fantastic place for kids and mums where to find new friends, new hobbies, new skills and simply have lots of fun. She's met so many wonderful people thanks to the WAC!

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Annie Forster, Treasurer
Oversees Bookkeeper, WAC accounts and all outgoing payments.  

Annie has been a member of the WAC for the past five years, since she first moved to Switzerland. She is an Australian born Chinese (now also Swiss) married to a Swiss. She has previously volunteered in various roles - as a Playgroup Coordinator, at our lovely library and as a board
member in the Treasury role. Both her girls (aged 11 and 8) enjoy coming to their Reading and Writing lessons and it’s a credit to the wonderful WAC teachers for providing such a nurturing environment. She has moved around Asia a lot and worked primarily in the finance field with insurance companies and family offices. 

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Jennie Eriksson, Vice President
Liaises with the school and works closely with the President

Jennie has lived in Uster since January 2018.  She and her husband are both Swedish and have spent time in many different countries; the past three years in New Jersey in the U.S. Jennie is a teacher by profession, and she worked a lot back in Sweden. Her plan was to continue working in New Jersey but instead she stayed at home taking care of the kids. She could never imagine being a stay-at -home mom full time, however her two girls Ruth and Mia and she have had an amazing time discovering new places and cultures.  Naturally Jennie finds some days can be harder than others so finding the WAC made life easier!

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Carolina Sanchez, Business
Responsible for long and short-term courses.

Carolina is from Spain and her husband is Swedish. She has two young children and she lives in Uster. Since taking over the Business role, Carolina has already run a very successful international cooking class, demonstrating how to make authentic Spanish tapas. She also has lots of ideas to improve the course offering at the WAC.

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Chrisy Restelli, Marketing
Oversees all marketing activities, including publications, website and advertising.

Chrisy is originally from Malaysia and has been living in Switzerland since August 2011. Prior to moving to Switzerland, she was in legal practice in Malaysia for several years before joining the corporate world as an in house legal counsel. From 2013 to 2016, she had a small business selling Usborne books and has held book exhibitions in various schools and events all over Switzerland.  She is married to a Swiss and has a son, Matteo. She first joined the WAC for the playgroups when her son turned 2. He is currently in the Explorers class and loves it very much.

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Sarah Gyr, Secretary

Manages all documentation, policies and procedures. Records minutes of all meetings.

Sarah is originally from the UK but spent six years living in Italy before moving to Switzerland over seven years ago. After moving various times, she has finally found my forever home in Wermatswil, close to Uster. Sarah started coming to the WAC playgroups four years ago with her son, and she now has two children who both happily attend Preschool. Sarah is excited to become Secretary this year and is looking forward to giving something back to the school where not only her kids but also she herself has had many fun times and met so many lovely people.

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WAC Committee Members

Laura, Library

Laura, Library

Hai, Events

Hai, Events

Tamsin, Publications

Tamsin, Publications

Natasha, Activities

Natasha, Activities

Tori, Playgroups

Tori, Playgroups

Jodie, Interior/Exterior

Tomasz, IT

Tomasz, IT

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