Sharon's Tips - Cheaper Rail Travel

Travelling cheaper with the Swiss Rail System


Until summer 2015, you can still buy the SBB Halbtax–Abo (half-fare travel card) at the present rate. Also this is the last year that you can buy a 2 or 3-year card. After summer the price will be going up, and it will be only possible to buy a card for 1 year at a time.


For those newer to Switzerland, this card allows you to travel for half-price on all SBB routes, ships, post buses, and on many private railways and cable cars.


A Junior Travelcard is also very handy to have. This card is for children 6 – 16 years old, and costs Fr. 30.- per year. If the child is accompanied by a parent with a valid ticket, the child travels “free” everywhere in Switzerland that is served by the SBB. This is only applicable when the child is with a parent. The SBB also offers a Grandchild Travelcard, for kids who travel regularly with a grandparent. This is also for Fr. 30/year. Unfortunately the Junior and the Grandchild travel cards are not interchangeable.