Girls Club offers a monthly opportunity for girls ages 5 and older to make some English speaking friends, have lots of fun, and learn some English terms that might not come up as often in regular dialogue as we discuss different themes in a fun and welcoming environment.  Past themes have included:  being responsible with money, cooking, helping others less fortunate than us, building structures, swimming, learning about science etc. We will continue to offer the chance for the girls to earn badges to proudly display when they have achieved a goal either on their own or with the group.

Parents are encouraged to volunteer when they can as we provide positive role models for our children as well as the other girls in the group.  Girls club offers the girls a chance to relate to other adults (as well as English speaking friends) apart from their parents, after all, it takes a village to raise a child and we hope you’ll come and join our community.

New for 2014/15 will be the theme “Authentic self expression” based on the fantastic book by Rachel Simmons “The Curse of the Good Girl” and her work at the Girls Leadership Institute. As always our season ends with a weekend camp out with our Moms full of fun, laughter and bonding.

If you are interested in more information please email Jana.