NEW AT THE WAC - German Conversation Group

This is a conversation club for mothers and fathers who want to practice German with other learners while their children play on a safe and comfortable space.

The activity will take place on a weekly basis: every Tuesday from 13:50 to 15:50.

We provide:

- A relaxed and "mistake-friendly" German practice environment

- Plenty of toys for kids

- Proposed topic, accompanied with fun learning materials (texts, songs and CD audio books)

- Occasional Native Speaker Guests

- C1 Advanced Learners sharing learning tips

- Board games (played in German, of course)

...and much more to come!

You need to:

- Come (alone or with your kids)

-Participate and talk in German (even if you are a beginner!)

- Pay CHF 5 per time

About the Coordinator:

"My name is Qian, a language-learning lover and mom of 2 kids. Originally from China, I majored in English & Spanish at Shanghai Foreign Languages University.

When I start studying a new language, I find that conversation with other learners is also efficient. Meanwhile, I cannot attend classes as I am stuck (J) with my lovely 1.5 years old daughter! Still, I desire to improve my German. There must be other mums in the same situation.”

That's the seed of this Kids-friendly German Conversation Club's: "GIVING YOURSELF A CHANCE”

Interested?  Sign up on the WAC noticeboard or contact Qian for more information


Qian Zhang, Course Co-ordinator

Qian Zhang, Course Co-ordinator