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1. Course Attendees are reminded that participation in the WAC activities is entirely at their own discretion and/or risk. Neither the WAC nor its representatives shall be held responsible for damage, injury or loss incurred by the use of club property or participation in club courses. 2. Prices are published on the WAC noticeboard and website. Enrollment in a course is binding for the semester (or individual dates). Attendees of ongoing courses will be asked in advance if they want to enroll in the second semester. 3. Annual course fees are payable in 2 installments. Invoices for classes are sent out in June for the 1st semester, and in January for the 2nd semester. Payment is due in advance of the course starting. If a course is joined part way through the school year, the price will be pro-rated. There is no refund for classes that are missed by the course attendee, however if the teacher has to cancel a class due to unavoidable circumstances they will offer a make-up date. 4. There is no refund on course fees after the course contract has been signed. We do understand that due to unforeseen circumstances sometimes course attendees have to be withdrawn mid semester. It is up to the discretion of the board to decide on a case by case basis if refund for the remaining lessons shall be granted. In those cases the course attendee/parent needs to give the WAC at least 4 weeks written notice. 5. Changes to the original schedule agreed (e.g. change in day, time, amount of classes) for the courses need to be mutually agreed among ALL courses attendees, course teacher and the WAC. 6. Courses and course fees are advertised on the WAC website and noticeboard, and are subject to change according to availability and enrollment. Courses will only run if they do not incur a loss to the WAC. Should the course participant number decrease below the minimum, a change in fees may incur. This new fee has to be agreed by all course participants for the course to take place.